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Hook up multiple speakers one amp

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I understand that connecting multiple speakers to the same ouput on your amp will eventually lead to either a blown speaker or a blown amp. What I don't quite understand is why. If you look at the speakers in terms of basic physics, the speakers are creating a resistance to the current that the amp is putting out. If you put multiple resistors in series, they have the same net effect as one larger resistor.

How many speakers can you run off a Sonos amp?

Connecting two power amps to a mixer/ single audio input

This article explains how to match up terminals and wiring to connect amplifiers and receivers properly. These terminals are either the spring clip or binding post type. Obviously, this is something that is best avoided, because swapping the positive and negative signals can seriously affect system performance. It's worth the time to double-check that these wires are correctly connected before powering up and testing the speakers. While the terminals on the back of stereo equipment tend to be easily identified, the same cannot be said for speaker wires. This is often where confusion can occur because the labeling isn't always obvious.

How To Split RCA For Multiple Amps

It depends on the capabilities of the amplifier and the impedance of the speakers. With some combinations it will be perfectly acceptable and with others it will lead to the destruction of the amplifier. For instance, one of my power amplifiers is stable to 2 Ohm loads. I could safely wire four 8 Ohm speakers in parallel to it. But another of my amplifiers will only accept 8 to 16 Ohm loads.
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